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Products Top Gibb Monday, July 23, 2018


TOP GIBB is used during the production of fruits and vegetables most commonly to improve fruit setting of clementines and pears (especially William pears); to loosen and elongate clusters and increase berry size in grapes; to control fruit maturity by delaying development of the yellow colour in lemons; to reduce rind stain and retard rind ageing in navel oranges; to counteract the effects of cherry yellows virus diseases in sour cherries; to produce uniform seedling growth in rice; to promote elongation of winter celery crop; to induce uniform bolting and increase seed production in lettuce for seed; to break dormancy and stimulate sprouting in seed potatoes; to extend the picking season by hastening maturity in artichokes; to increase the yield in forced rhubarb; to increase the malting quality of barley; to produce brighter-coloured, firmer fruit, and to increase the size of sweet cherries; to increase yields and aid harvesting of hops; to reduce internal browning and increase yields of Italian prunes; to increase fruit set and yields of tangelos and tangerines; to improve fruit setting in blueberries; to advance flowering and increase the yield of strawberries; and also a variety of applications on ornamentals.
10ml in 90 ltrs of water for foliar application in Vegetables. Content: Gibberellins Derived from Seaweed Extract Note: All active constituents are exempt from registration under CIB or FCO. Percentages of active constituents may vary depending upon the storage conditions and exposure to heat or sunlight.
Registration Details
Exempt from Reg under Cr No: 16-23/98-CIR-II Dated: 4-12-1998. The product does not fall under the purview of Fertilizer control order or Central Insecticides Board. Mfd. by : ROOTS-Florentine Curtis Pvt Ltd, Nashik.Storage And Disposal: Store out of sunlight in a cool, dry area inaccessible to children or pets. Rinse container and discard after use in accordance with local, state and federal regulations Personal Protective Work Clothing: Applicators and other handlers of this product must wear: Long sleeved shirt and pants, shoes and socks, protective eyewear and gloves. Disclaimer and Limited Warranty: The Company offers no warranty or assumes no responsibility with regards to use of product and performance of the product for purposes mentioned on the label. The purchase decision and use of this product for any purpose by the buyer is solely on his / her discretion and company is not responsible for any damages whatsoever. By purchasing this product the buyer assumes sole responsibility of using it and if any damages occur, the buyer is solely responsible. Company offers no warranty or liability for this product and no legal action can be instigated against the company. The buyer should purchase the product on his/her sole discretion and shall be responsible for whatever outcomes / damages by using this product in whichever manner(s). Company and its affiliates offer no warranties, whether expresses or implied, including warranties of merchantability and of fitness for a particular purpose. Company and its affiliates neither assume nor authorize any representative or other person to assume for them any obligation or liability other than such as is expressly set forth here in. Under no circumstances Company and its affiliates are liable for incidental or consequential damages resulting from the use or handling of their products. No statements or recommendations contained herein are to be construed as inducements to infringe any relevant patent now or hereafter in existence.






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